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Alright, alright. I saw you one time, I lost my heart to you. Please, baby I'll be loving you, forever with you now. Baby, don't go too far, I won't let you go. Please don't go, I wanna hold you tight and I need your love. Jekki jjang!
eunjisoppa asked : Ohhh LOVEEEEE neoreul SARANGHAE <333

Ije modeun shigandeureul nawa hamkkehae~~~

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eunjisoppa asked : Is this account still active?!


Sorry I haven’t been active much here… I often stay more over at my main blog.. :)

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미인추방 by 젝스키스
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Anonymous asked : thank you so much for replying (and so fast too) :)

Hahaha no worries~ And thanks for appreciating this blog too! :)

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Anonymous asked : Ahh, i love your blog :) Do you know where that gifset of jiyong crying came from? Jiwons face cracks me up.

Hello there! It’s from THIS VIDEO. Sechskies often did funny skits like this one. 

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